CREATION Project 2017 : Tube Socks

Guardian Garden (Tokyo, Japan)

11.28 – 12.23. 2017

Starting November 28, CREATION Gallery G8 and Guardian Garden—two galleries in Tokyo’s Ginza district operated by Recruit Holdings—will host the “Tube Socks Exhibition.” The exhibition is the 2017 edition of the annual “CREATION Project,” this year representing a collaboration involving 167 creative artists and a small company based in Osaka.

Higuchi Knitting Company, located in Hirakata City in Osaka Prefecture, is a producer of socks founded in 1933. Sock production in Japan peaked in the late 1980s and has been in a declining trend ever since. In the face of inexpensive imports from Asia, the Japanese sock industry as a whole is in a severe state. Higuchi Knitting takes maximum advantage of its resilience as a small-scale producer, however, creating made-to-order socks on request from the customer—even responding to orders for a single pair.

The items on exhibition in conjunction with CREATION Project 2017 are based on tube socks developed by Higuchi Knitting on the suggestion of its customers. The company’s tube socks are unusual in having no heel and being of extra-high quality. Those featured in the exhibition are all original articles with knitted designs created by artists from various fields and backgrounds. All items on show will be available for purchase.

The absence of a heel, combined with outstanding elasticity, means that Higuchi Knitting’s tube socks fit all sizes, from children to adults. They make ideal gifts, for Christmas or other occasions, or just for yourself.

Proceeds from the sale of the tube socks will be donated to “Save the Children.” Under that program, funds are used locally in Japan for a number of important purposes: to relieve child poverty, prevent child abuse, support recovery in disaster-affected regions, etc.

We hope many people will take this opportunity to participate in this worthy charity event.

Photo:Keizo Motoda




CREATION Projectでは、かかとをなくすというユニークな発想と、品質にこだわり誕 生した「つつした」に、クリエイターの個性あふれるデザインを編み込んだ、オリジナルの靴下を展示、販売します。